Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Naked and Uncensored Pictures

Just checkout the High School Musical superstar naked, Click on pictures to enlarge.

Vanessa Hudgens Naked and Sexy and censored
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We are all waiting with open mouths.

Hudgens' publicist confirmed that the photograph is indeed the star of Disney Channel's wildly successful "High School Musical" franchise. It shows a coquettishly smiling Hudgens posing naked in a bedroom with a red curtain behind her.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is not even 20, born in 1988, and being home-schooled since the seventh grade, and yet she can not be totally innocent of the notarity surrounding her. Weather your looking for Vanessa Hudgens in Google HotTrends on 9/7/07 you'll notice 12 of the 100 Google HotTrends are about Vanessa Hudgens or some variation on Vanessa Hudgen's name or photo situation, such as: vanessa hudgens photos, or vanessa hudgens naked pictures, or vanessa huggins, or vanessa hutchins or vanessa hughes or vanessa anne hudgens pics or vanessa hudson or vanessahudgens or vanessa hodgson or vanessa hodges or vanessa disney or vanessa hudgens racy pictures ... you got the same thing about the racy nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens being real and an apology about it.

But is that all there is to say about Vanessa Hudgens or the various misspellings of her name like Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hutchins, Vanessa Hughes or Vanessa Hudson, or is it Vanessa Hodgson Hodges. Fact of the matter is the subject of Vanessa Hudgens nude photos or vanessa hudgens racy pictures is red hot right now - just about as hot as you can get.

And lets face it - the whole Vanessa Hudgens affair might have been planned to create a lot of Publicity for her, and if so, it worked; don't think she looks sorry or embarrassed, and probably is enjoying all this publicity.

"...I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me," Hudgens said in a statement, according to Us Weekly. "I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends."

I guess Disney is not taking this too well, wanting sweeky clean stars. I thought I'd consult BlogPulse to see what kind of real buzz might be out there and found there were surprisingly few real blog posts - mostly garbage stuff .. which makes me even more convinced the "leaked" photo of Vanessa Hudgens nude, was planned as move to heighten her publicity.

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